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Went in for the second interview hoping to talk my way into a crew lead position, and somehow we skipped past that straight to operations manager, AKA Second in command. I’d be responsible for half the managerial duties for a team of over 20 employees. And earn more money with huge growth potential

Trying not to act as if I have the job already, but oh man. It’s tough. If I got it I’d be able to fly through my turbo install, and put a down-payment on a small home with a garage.... Plus the hours are EXACTLY what I want. 10am-7pm. No early mornings, no rush hour traffic, I can workout mornings or nights.... Hell I can even go out after work and still get a decent night’s sleep. The potential just a year or two down the road is pretty huge as well.... They’ll need a full-time marketing and online management guy at some point, and that’s a position I’d enjoy greatly. My “let’s try something different” Instagram resumé went over very well.


One week as a technician. One week as technician lead. Then, Operations Manager. That was the path I was offered, assuming the background check and other small things are positive. Much excite.

Post cool homes/architecture/interior design details, etc. Here’s one from me

Illustration for article titled Guys. Im excited

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