When the guy behind this thing was young, the 1.3 l, 4-stroke, de-tuned VW engine Wartburg was one of the nicest cars to have in the pre-unification GDR, he just couldn't afford one. Remember in the GDR you either had to wait 10-20 years for a new car or pay a heavy premium for used cars. New 4-stroke Wartburgs sold privately for what could buy you a house.

Unification came and went, he started to make more money, and started doing a little off-road racing on the side. One day, had an epithany! Why not combine his new love for off-road racing with the Wartburg that he once pined for.


Both the Wartburg and the Mercedes G-wagon are body-on-frame constructions. So with a little cutting here and a little welding there, a Wartburg body should fit on a short wheel-base G chassis right? Turns out it does.

To really have some fun in the mud though, he couldn't leave the 1.3 under the hood, so he found a 5 liter V8 from a '89 500 SEC and put that in there instead. Now, add a proper cage, seats, harnesses, and 200 Liter race tank, and you can do some serious stuff. If you look closely, you can see the proper war wounds that show that this thing gets to do what it was built for.


For more pics go here: http://www.motor-klassik.de/bilder/wartbur…

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