Guys: Multi-Monitor Goodness

PS3s are cheap enough now.

Took over my dads RedBird simulator, and I thought our passions would never collide.


So to do Multi monitor on Gran Turismo, you need 3 monitors, 3 PS3s and 3 games. All 3 systems need to be up to date, as do the games. Currently Im running GT5 cause Its been a chore to get one of the PS3s to update GT6 (its the oldest one, go figure). After that all you need to do is tell the “peripheral” PS3s what the main Ps3s IP Address is, and then they just follow suit. Really painless after that.

As for the driving experience.... Its amazing. Precision is way up, counter steering, and even drifting is way easier. Overall It gives you more information to judge your position on the track and its limits, and where you are going/need to go.

Also replays look amazing!

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