Just to preface this, some food for thought. I'm 20, my Dad is 60. I drive a stock Mercury Grand Marquis...he drives a pretty extensively modified Kia Forte. The man's nuts.

Anyway, about 1.5 years ago, my Dad wanted to lower his Kia because he thought it sat too high, so he bought some Eibach springs and we swapped them out. Took about 3 hours to do all 4 corners.

Well, we change the oil on our cars every 6 months (this one only does 7-8k miles a year) and on the most recent change, the jack didn't fit underneath the car anymore. The springs must have worn or settled a bit more.

Therefore, it looks like we will have to invest in ramps. What are some good ramps that will get the car high enough for an oil change? Also, is there anything we can do if the maintenance requires taking a wheel off?