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Guys, quarter life crisis alert!

I'm 28, I have a good office job, without much field work, at a big MNC. I have a great girlfriend, I found a nice apartment to rent in a good area, for more than a year now, and I drive a half premium car. I didn't let the fact that my dad died a few months ago, affect me too much, because I wanted to stay focused. I wouldn't say my life is too bad, but I feel like I'm just a brick in the corporate wall or a sprocket in a overly complicated Victorian machine.

I always wanted to be a rock star, but I can't sing and I'm not too good with instruments. So I'm thinking at acting. Acting is fun and everybody likes actors, right?


But, I never been to an acting school. I'm on East Coast and the last time I visited Hollywood, America was hosting the summer Olympics. I also think I'm too old to start on this thing. I don't know if asking Oppo for career tips is a smart thing(gf says it's silly), but a few more advices can't hurt.

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