And it isn't the cars, it's the location.

Woodward has been the scene for the car enthusiasts for decades, with the Dream Cruise being the largest and greatest scene of the summer, in August. We all have a good time talking about cars, checking out cars, watching all kinds of cars, be it Classic Muscle, Classic Euro, Tuner Cars, Exotics, just everything you can imagine! You can only imagine the joy and good fun we have watching the rolling thunder of cars pass us by.


But there's a problem, and that problem comes from just about everyone there. It's the car people, the actual people that live along Woodward, and then, the local police department.

The Dream Cruise is in August, like I said; but there are always a few, actually a lot including myself that like to come out once the weather's nice and the roads are clean, usually in May. Naturally for a car person, you want to get your cars on the road as soon as the weather's nice!


The lead parking lot picture at night, that's the Normandy Plaza; it is the congregation spot for the majority of the young, modern car enthusiasts, like me that like to venture out on weekends to see the great cars around, and show off their own at the same time; and by showing off, I mean some piss revs here and there, and maybe some tire squeal. Now contrary to the picture which shows only a few cars in the plaza, it's usually filled to the brim! It's all in good fun, it can be quite a nuisance and annoying, but it's fun. But then there are the people that line up at the lights along on this perfect stretch of road, and race, and do burnouts and roll coal from their diesel trucks, which no one likes by the way; that shit is not tolerable. And it especially gets worse, because of the community that lives in the neighborhoods along side this road; which seems to be a much older crowd, seniors and retirees I believe the majority of them to be, who have to deal with all the commotion into the night and early morning sometimes. And it doesn't help that this has been happening much earlier in the year than before. You see, the Dream Cruise week is the one week where all this stuff is tolerable. Getting on the roads months earlier gets on the local's nerves.

This is where the local police department steps in and kicks everyone out of the lot because of the nonsense that goes on. As a result, as people leave, they go somewhere else for awhile and then come back to the lot later and get kicked out again. The one's that stay on the road being incompetent and irresponsible get tickets and go back out there to repeat the process. This is all normal and I respect the fact that they neighborhoods want some peace and quiet at night; fair enough. This has been going on for years and probably won't end. But this year it has been getting much worse.

In fact so much worse, that the cops here have been enforcing rules in such a way, it that it makes the situation much worse than it needs to be honestly.


For example, on our local Woodward FaceBook page, there was a story of someone's grandfather who stopped to get ice cream in his Corvette, he parked next to another older fellow in a van and as he sat eating his ice cream in his Vette, he got a ticket for what could only be described as "taking up space"; the guy in the van on the other hand, got no ticket. Why? Because he was in a van. The local police have no been discriminating car enthusiasts based on cars alone, going so far to say that if your car looks so much as modified in any way, race wing/spoiler, exhaust or other things like this, you'll most likely get a ticket.

And when you park at Normandy, there's always a cop there ready to pick your car out from the lot and stick that ticket on your car. Now to be fair, the enthusiasts usually do purchase goods and such at the restaurants there and give them frequent business. There are even some that welcome the cars and the people, but even so, they aren't the only "victims" so to speak; especially when they leave their trash all around the lot for the workers at the shops there to clean up the next morning. So there is no right side in this situation here, all sides have their own faults in this conflict.

When the cops kick us out of Normandy, usually the next meet-up spot is a larger lot down the road that can actually fit 40+ cars easily; we stay there for awhile and then the cops kick us out again. There's simply no possible solution here where all three sides of this conflict can be have that happy median. Woodward has been the sight of many glorious car moments and such and most young enthusiasts think that the way things are now, it's starting to go away. I just wish there was some way everyone could be happy in the end.


It'd be awesome if Jalopnik could maybe pick this story up and do something with it. This is a serious problem here because Woodward is the place to be, it's the "Motor City", but most people don't want the car crowd there, but the crowd doesn't want to leave because it's Woodward; there's just no other place around here like it.