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GY6 Thoughts? Scooterlopnik

So as the temperatures get colder, EOY bonuses arrive, and I start to defer my student loans, I’m thinking about a project. The latest idea is to buy a chinese gy6 moped (probably a ruckus clone) still in the crate and assemble myself and do a few upgrades (bore kit, intake, exhaust, clutch, battery, limiter) to it before springtime.

My only hiccup is finding a place to buy one for cheap. Should I just go to one of the dealers and ask to buy one unassembled without the warranty (since I would be voiding it anyways)? Would they sell me one? I’m trying to be in the $5-600 range ideally. Should I talk to one now about when their new stock is coming in and that way they get some revenue in (presumably in Jan/Feb) before they actually start to sell some?


Does anyone know where I could buy a cheap one online? Anyone done this before?

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