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Gym Success!

Took The Son and Heir to the gym with me for Leg Day this weekend, he brought a couple of his friends from the wrestling team. Needless to say, I worked a little harder because he was pretty adamant to his homies about how strong I am, lol. Now, I’ve been working my ass off the last few months to get big again, and it’s working, but Leg Day is always hit or miss because I’m nervous about some old injuries...

Not on THIS day though. I’ve always capped myself on the leg press to around 540 for reps. Back in my powerlifting, steroid days, I used to train legs with Phil Heath, and we’d run with more like 1400 until we puked. But I’m ten years older and much less chemically enhanced these days... So the boys and I work up to 360 or so, and then they start egging me on to go heavy. So we work in a couple more sets, going up two plates at a time. I end up with 630 on there, and the my kiddo says “I’m climbing up on the sled for your last set.” He weighs 120. I banged out ten with 750.


Him and his friends are now thoroughly convinced that Coach John is the strongest guy in the world, lol. And my legs are getting real tigh today, I know that walking, climbing stairs and using the toilet are going to be agony by tomorrow afternoon, and that’s fine by me. Pushed myself further than I thought I could go, and it was pretty easy.

The lesson here?  Take a bunch of 14 year old kids to the gym on Leg Day when you think you’re hitting the wall and see what happens!

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