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Gymkhana GRID South Africa

Livestream here and below. Petter Solberg, Johan Kristoffersson, Andreas Bakkerud and Kenny deBlock himself (among others) will try to set the best time around a tight course, competing two cars at the time in a knockout system.

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Petter Solberg won last year, and has set the best times in qualifying this year as well.


Top 15 qualifying times (4 sessions):
1) Petter Solberg 1:54,030
2) Johan Kristoffersson 1:54,476
3) Johan Kristoffersson 1:54,635
4) Petter Solberg 1:55,351
5) Johan Kristoffersson 1:56,082
6) Petter Solberg 1:56,637
7) Petter Solberg 1:57,317
8) Andreas Bakkerud 1:58,690
9) Johan Kristoffersson 1:58,772
10) Andreas Bakkerud 1:59,176
11) Ken Block 1:59,587
12) Ken Block 1:59,953
13) Ken Block 2:00,925
14) Andreas Bakkerud 2:02,499
15) Ken Block 2:02,572

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