Lowered the front fork of the CX500 1" to match the 1" lower that I did to the rear (adjustable spring seat) by sliding the forks up in the triple tree. This is as low as you can go with a stock CX500 because any more low and instead of hitting the internal bumpstops (?) the fork will smash into the lower triple tree mount. No bueno. The other way to go lower would be to put spacers and springs and nonsense into the fork itself but then I’d have less travel and... ehhhh. As it is, though, my feet are touching the ground and I can just baaarely get my heels on the ground. Backing up a 450lb bike on your tippy-toes is lame as hell.

I’ll be interested to see what this does with the handling. Lowering the front is supposed to enhance tossability and turn-in but lowering the rear was supposed to hurt these things and I noticed absolutely no difference so... yeah. Hm.

That silver shouldn’t be there. That’s the parts of the shock tube that are now sticking up above the triple-tree. This is where I would/will install clip-on handlebars if/when I get a pair.