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I’m a big fan of the architecture of Richard Neutra. Today I learned that one of his houses in San Francisco, dating from 1936, was illegally razed by a developer that wanted build something larger on the spot. The reaction from the planning commission? In a 5-0 vote they said to put it back. Build the exterior to look exactly like the house torn down, using period materials and methods. Yes!

In my parent’s neighborhood there was a resident that illegally annexed property in a common area. He did all sorts of obfuscation and lying to community and government leaders. He didn’t secure the permits and permissions necessary to do what he did, and he lost - big time. He tried to get approval for his actions, offering to pay for the land, partially because he had already built on it. Nope - no such luck. He’s lost every single fight and has been ordered to pay the legal fees of the HOA and tear down all of his additions and restore the land, and to that I say ‘good’.


I don’t normally like HOAs, but sometimes they serve a function that benefits the community. In the case of my parent’s neighborhood it’s an equestrian community with lots of trails and open space, and it was built and maintained that way for a reason, and why many people choose to live there. It’s not a cheap area either, with a vast majority of the homes valued well over $1M. To see newly rich fucks come in to a community, like this dick in San Francisco and the twit in my folk’s neighborhood, and try to do whatever they want, for themselves and themselves only without regards to the neighborhood, frustrates the hell out of me and I’m glad that there are people willing to stand up to this. Having a few bucks doesn’t mean you can run roughshod over others and get your way, and I hope to see more people standing up like this in the future.

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