Google, and other sources, has pretty much answered all my questions on Sweden. One thing that I don’t get many answers on is what it’s like to own a car there, a modified car.

Being in the US where I can do anything I like to my car almost and still drive it on the road I KNOW that in Sweden this will not be the case lol. I’m just curious what you can and can’t do. Partially so I know if I can bring my car there and partially so I know what i’m getting into as an enthuaist.


I know your like grassroots motorsports there are great, better than the US, which is something to look forward to.

I am aware what can’t be done in other countries so I guess i’ll just list some things


Wider tires? I know in Australia there are limits idk about sweden and my cars both have wider wheels and tires.

Downpipe? I am sure a car there needs to pass emissions even if it’s old. Where I am over 21 years it does not so my Skyline is catless. But is there like a “classic vehicle” exemption or anything like that? Where I am that’s what I use but it limits mileage. I assume getting that to pass emissions will not be as hard as it would in the US.


Suspension? Heard in norway you can’t lower your car, same in sweden?

Basically simple things like that, anything you can think of let me know.

Probably will sell my Mustang GT before I came over there.

Now I guess I have some silly questions to do with living there. Both of the jobs I was offered are in/around Stockholm. I have never been to europe so I have no idea at all how cities are arranged there so these questions may sound dumb. Is it possible to get a house/apartment in the “suburbs” with a garage and then commute into the city with like public transport or something? Do apartment complexes exist like in the US where you have a large parking lot/garages?


As someone who is trying to imagine what a city in europe i’ve never been to is like and living in the US where things typically are completely different I am having a hard time separating “hollywood” or american perceptions of a europeon city from reality. For all I know i’m thinking it could be just like when I was living in Chicago. I seriously have no idea.

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