I was about as close as you can get to a car accident without being a part of it as I was leaving work today.

I was waiting to take a left out of the parking lot, which is a pain as traffic tends to back up across the driveway exit, so someone has to leave you a space to cut across. A Ford Fusion had done just that, and a crossover SUV behind him had come to a stop as I started to pull out. I heard a screeching noise as I started moving forward and was wondering if it was coming from my car when there was a massive BANG, and I watched the two stopped cars get pushed forward across the car-length gap that had been left for me and into the back of a Ford Escape. Slamming on my brakes I saw the very crumpled remains of a late-90s Chevy sedan sitting where the SUV was, with smashed plastics from all three cars and the spare tire from under the SUV littering the road in front of it.

As the three forward cars pulled off into a parking lot, I got out of my car to check on the driver of the Chevy. He said he was ok(no airbag deployed), but the car wouldn’t start(not much of a surprise as his radiator was making sweet love to his engine block). So I told him to put it in neutral and got behind it to push(using my back against the car as you can’t push with your arms with a month old broken collar bone). Once his car was rolling into the work parking lot I tossed the loose spare and other larger debris off the side of the road so traffic wasn’t completely F’ed. I then handed my business cards to the other drivers in case they needed witnesses and headed back to my car.

In this whole time none of my co-workers had gotten out of their cars or done anything but sit there and wait impatiently for me to stop blocking the driveway.

Quite a bit of an adrenaline rush, and I’m glad I took my time pulling out, or those two cars might have been shoved into the driver’s door of my xB, instead of the back of the Escape.

(No photos as I have a very dumb $17 phone with no camera)/