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Had a interesting night at work.

I show up 15-20 minutes early like normal, my boss pulls me aside to his office. Great. He telling me he hired a new guy and I’ll be training him. New guy shows up a hour later, he does all his paper work. I start showing him the basics. He is slow at it, but he is doing it right-ish. I’m also happy he is older, not young.

It starting to annoy me that his speed is slow. I tell him I’m going to the bathroom and if he has any questions he can ask my co-worker. In there I take a breath & realize that I was once in his position. I come back out, and he’s still alive. Thats good. He already burnt him self on a hot pan, his first scar.

It was also a slow night for sale, but a really good training pace. I think he will survive.


P1800ES race car for your time.

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