Scooter dude, Meepster, and FreeJeep

Underneath: No rust. Minor leakage from transmission pan. Power steering pump leaking. Engine was rebuilt ~70k miles ago - no leaks from engine as far as I see. Minor leakage at differential cover. Alternator case is oxidized. Shocks look like they need replaced.

Under the hood: mostly clean. Battery cables corroded all to hell. Upper hoses from radiator look good. Plug wires/cap are nearly new. Serpentine belt is glazed.

Body: Rear driver door won’t open from outside. It’s been replaced - red paint visible under the green. Driver door doesn’t fit all that well - upper door hinge is loose and may need to be replaced. Peeling clearcoat on hood and roof. Minor surface rust on roof. All exterior plastics oxidized to hell.

Interior: A/C doesn’t work. Cheetah print seat covers need gone. Dash lights are good. All gauges seem to work. Needs a good cleaning - potting soil bag apparently burst open last spring in the rear.


All in all it’s a good start. I’ll likely drive it daily once the safety and charging issues are taken care of.

Then when my wife and I both graduate and are settled within a few years:

Buy crashed MJ Comanche and send FreeJeep with it to my cousin - he has a custom auto shop - to build a 2WD prerunner crew cab CheroManche