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Had a major first world problem this morning

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It was deciding on which car I was going to drive to work. Usually, I drive the 3 to work without question; however, the 3 was on empty, probably enough fuel to get home and back, but I don’t like running cars that low on fuel. Luckily, the M3 had more than half a tank in it. No problem, I’ll take the M3 to work, and let future James deal with the fuel situation in the 3. This is when I remembered my work ID was in my 3 and I would have to get it out. That wouldn’t be a problem other than the fact that I use separate key chains for the M3 and 3 keys, which would mean I either left the keys to the 3 in the M3 or returned them to my apartment. Since I don’t like to leave keys to cars in my car, I would have had to return them to my third floor apartment. I also put the M3 on its battery tender last night, so I would have to disconnect that before I drove to work. Still not a deal breaker, then I walked outside and it was raining; I don’t like driving the M3 in the rain. It’s not because I mind it getting rained on, at times all it feels like it wants to swap ends, I just don’t enjoy driving it in the rain. For some reason, the 3 has always felt more planted in the rain. As you can see from my picture, you can see how I solved my conundrum this morning.


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