In before modern car visibility causes accidents.

So I was riding on my bicycle to school, doing my usual thing (bit of DnB and coffee to get the blood pumping). Anyway, a guy unexpectedly pulls over for a side street roughly ten meters in front of me. Even though I initiated evasive measurements as quickly as I could, I was not able to slow my bike down in time (I tend to ride quite quickly) and slammed into his front right fender. Well shit. Damage report: Me and my bike were fine, but his car, a Peugeot 2008

had traces of bike on its fender. Thankfully the driver is a nice guy, and we were quickly able to exchange contact information and go our ways again. We are currently in the process of sorting the insurance stuff out.

So how did it happen? Well I think both of us are to blame for this. I assume I had been in the blind spot of his C/D-pillar at the time he suddenly did the fateful turn so he couldn’t see me approaching properly. I on the other hand was moving at quite rapid speeds, so counting in the reaction time to brake the crash was inevitable. Me having a cup of coffee in one hand really did not help at all either.


Lesson learned: I really need to stop drinking coffee and listening to music while riding a bike.

You only improve by failing.