Last night after drinking way too much, I had a dream that I had bought a new-to-me Subaru STi hatchback in Dark Grey Metallic (like the one pictured above). It was GLORIOUS! I was all excited and was about to get to work detailing it in the beautiful California sun. Then when I went to clean it, there were blueberries in the center console! FREE BLUEBERRIES!

Unfortunately, I woke up and realized I had a massive hangover, a number from a girl I can’t remember if she was into me or not, and no new Subi.

Usually, I prefer to not dream about cars since those dreams usually involve me not having control of the car. Or if I do have control of the car then for some reason my body does not have the strength to actually brake or accelerate. It’s kind of like those dreams where you are running but for some reason your legs do not work. I can’t be the only one who has these dreams right? (I feel like Torchinsky has written an article on this a long time ago)

So have any opponauts had a Jalop dream recently?