Little kid with head injury, was a long day. Here’s a Powerwagon 200 I found in my work travels as a token for your time.

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Not bad for sitting in a field since Led Zeppelin was still on tour, but look at the poor smallblock.

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What the hell is up with that? Never seen that before, Severe condensation? Hydrolocked and parked? How do valve covers rust out like that?


Anyway, head injuries. My boys are boys. And they will be boys, at high speed and high volume, at all times. I love it. Can’t say I had much purpose before I was just Dad. They’re 5 and 8, Swimming lessons, karate, soccer, Lego, cubscouts, and the whole bit. Like all brothers, they’re constantly at one another’s throats, and at the same time the best of buds. Monday started as usual, with coffee, a shower, and two boys and a very large puppy chasing and yelling, at full tilt, back, forth and in circles all through the house. Mrs Doorhandle was off to work, and I was replying to someone on oppo, when the noise turned into real crying. So I come around the corner to two crying boys, ine bleeding from the head and one very upset. Somehow in all the chasing the smaller, more rascally of my two had split his head open on the tv cabinet. (the tv is bolted to the wall but there’s still the associated piece of furniture with all the boxes etc.) Ok mild crisis mode kicks in. I clean up the forehead and get the older boy ready and on the bus, while the little, bleeding one went and got his own bandaid. I got the little one dressed up to go for some stitches, got him out the door at which point he fell to all fours on the steps and was quite ill. Grabbed him a glass of water, and gathered him up. He was unsteady, weak, and wanted to be carried. Now I was concerned about actual head injuries.

It was a cold morning, My current daily is a 50 year old jalopmobile all iced up and would need to be warmed up prior to having the shit driven out of it on the way to the E.R. So I Grabbed a Carseat, threw it in the old toyota and peeled away in a puff of cold start smoke. This truck rides ROUGH when driven on smooth pavement at reasonable speeds, When driven as fast as it will go down bad residential streets and unpaved alleys around our old general hospital, you need a seat belt to keep you inside the cab. This ride was of the latter variety, and my boy was falling asleep/ passing out in the passenger seat. This is not good. Drive fast and dodge the craters, don’t shake the baby. They got us right in at the er. The team of doctors and nurses at our general are just superb, We were there a good chunk of the day, got our first stitches, concussion, and catscan yesterday. followed by juice and a popsicle. Poor little guy just wanted to take the popsicle home instead of eat it at the hospital.

Long story short, Massive Headwound Harry is OK. He’s been sleeping for over 24 hours, gets up and moves to another spot once in awhile, and had a late night request for plain spaghetti. Just a day in the life as it turned out in the end, but a long one.