On my way to class on the highway I was doing about 75 in the passing lane (passing people, not hogging!). Some jackass in a Sebring decides last minute that he wants to get in my lane so I back off and let him in, even though I didn't have to. The lane is wide open ahead of him and as soon as he gets in front of me, he brake checks me.

I'm annoyed, but let it go because there are bigger things to worry about in the world. I switch into a different lane when I realize he is just going under the speed limit and he immediately pulls in front of me and brake checks me again. Now I'm getting more annoyed because it's obviously intentional, so I slow way down (to 60) in hopes of him speeding off. He matches my speed and does it a third time.

I realized that slowing down wasn't going to keep him away from me so I shifted to 4th gear and tried to rocket off. My humble Subaru isn't very fast, but when called upon, it can giddy up. Pedal to the floor approaching 80 and the guy is in the lane next to me. He floors it too and shoots in front of me for a fourth time to brake check me once more. I switched lanes to avoid him and got off at the nearest exit.

He followed me all the way to campus (where I assume he too is a student) and turned into campus at a different light than I did. I so badly wanted to find this guy's car and kick the door in but that would be a massive dick move. I have a short fuse but I can't let my temper get the best of me.

Sorry for the long rant, how was your morning commute?

Have an i8 for your time.