It was by far my most favorite phone call with them. Like, I annoyed and irritated someone, so I feel accomplished. A Hudson for your time and the story.

My phone rings and I pick it up. A automated woman’s voice responses to my ‘hello?’, which means it was the security scam again, after they claimed I was put on their ‘do not call list’. There is a live operator on the other end, pushing different buttons for the responses.


Any ways, robot lady ask me if I had a security system, I responded with “no, I have ghosts for that”. Then the robot lady didn’t understand, and puts on a live operator. “How can I help you today?” “Not sure, I was just talking to a lady.” “And she transferred you to me. Do you have a security system?” I paused, they quickly replied “not really. I have booby traps.” “... you have what?” “I have a moat, around the house.” Without missing a beat he responds with “Well what if you have an emergency?” I shot back “well then I just put down the drawbridge.” “Would you like to be put on our do not call list?” “I would love that.”

During this whole ordeal I’m trying really hard not to start laughing. I wanted to be as serious as possible. In fact, I sort of hope they call again, as I really enjoy wasting their time. I was caught off guard and I would like to see how much I can bother them.

And yes, I have blocked their numbers, at least 8 of them. They keep changing which number they call from. It’s been going on for months, and I really don’t mind anymore. I find it entertaining to waste their time.

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