This past Sunday I got up early to go an Autocross about 1.5 hours from my house. I loaded up the Monte and got on the road. About an hour in of mostly just cruising up the highway, no screwing around I felt a shimmy in the rear of the car, my tach and speedometer started to climb at the same time. I looked behind me expecting to see a trail of transmission fluid... Instead I saw sparks, and my passenger rear wheel and axle slowly passing me. I pulled off the road to safety. Thankfully traffic was very light and the runaway wheel and axle didn’t contact any other cars. A bad situation went as good as it could have.

After a call to AAA, they had a flat bed on its way. I was able to run down the Axle and wheel, so that we could push it back into the housing, and get it on the flatbed. I had the car towed to my folks house because it was closer and they have a bit more room to work on it.

Got the car up in the air and worked on dropping the rear axle.


Now it was time to crack into the diff and find out why my car turned into a goddamned tripod while doing 70 mph.

So much metal in the oil. It looked like liquid anti-seize.


The ring and Pinion were surprisingly intact, but the spider gears were incredibly chowdered.


The spring plate for the clutch was also broken

And here’s the C-clip that let go and sent my axle out of the tube.


Now the car sits like this while I wait on my rear end to be rebuilt with some better parts, hopefully I get a call today that the rear has been reassembled with a Torsen diff, 28 spline Moser Axles, a Proform Rear Diff Cover Girdle and a new 3.73 ring and pinion gear.

In doing some research, an Auburn Posi unit, if the unit wears to an extreme extent, the wear of the clutches allows the side gears to move, and lets the c-clip escape. So, if any of you are running around with 30-40 year old auburn Posi units, you may want to pop the cover and take a look at your posi unit.


I’m just lucky that A: I wasn’t hurt, B: No one else got hurt, C: Short of this poor shock mount which was forced to be a skid plate and the axle failing, there is not any damage to the car.

This event could have been far worse. Check your LSD’s people.