I’m going to share it on Oppo because, well, as you’ll see, it is Oppo-related, and maybe influenced by some disappointing behavior by public figures going around now (not to mention just some incredibly bizarre behavior period), and who knows, maybe dream or not it’ll highlight the importance of driving responsibly. And who knows, maybe this dream goes back to something I actually saw on TV and some Opponauts can help me track it down *shrug*.

Anyway I dreamt I was watching TV (for some reason a lot of my dreams involve passively watching TV, c’est la vie) about one of those typical “work-drama reality shows” you’d see so often now on the Discovery Networks like Velocity or TLC. It was a gun show like the now long-defunct Sons of Guns but even worse than that. The guy on the show (I guess, remember this is a dream so all these people are completely fictional, I would presume) had just done a demonstration of Taurus CURVE (I had watched a demo of that weapon on YouTube while trying to fall asleep) and then it switched to him and his female friend hopping into a third-gen Camaro and then gunning it close to 100 MPH, in opposite traffic. The on-camera commentary was of a bunch of other people on the show saying that he’s going to kill them doing that as the camera goes slow-motion and you can see a fireball erupt off the corner of the screen, and then it cuts to the burned-out wreck of a semi-truck and two pickups that were caught in the crash with pretty much nothing left of the Camaro.

Yeah, I don’t think you need to have some weird-ass reality TV show dream to tell you not to go 100 in opposing traffic, but still, even people who know better can engage in stupid and deadly decisions, so be careful out there.