I was reading through Bandits CL links at


When the thought occured to me, "if only I could throw money at this person to build this car." I then remembered that if I had such money I would build it myself, and as the hours ticked on I realized things like Kickstarter exist so that our collective slate change can finance awesome.


So, and I do mean so, what if there was a Kickstarter. But for car builds? Like, I want to take a such and such brown wagon and put a diesel + 5 speed in it, and make it look like an E30. So I plan the build out, price everything, and post the plans online. If enough people want it built, they all donate to a fund that is untouchable untill the project meets it's goal. Then the car gets built, under a community decided Oppo themed livery in this case, and whatever you would consign such a car is then done. Rallyx, autox, drift, drag, street, pretty much whatever competition the community wants, and we all get to know we actually helped a unicorn of a sort happen.

Then I fell asleep, waking up to realize it would never work, some douche would run away with the money, and people would never agree on what to build.

Maybe if you get a vote with every donation, say every 10 bucks you get a voted to cast in whatever area you want (paint, body, motor, etc.)

Right. I'll keep dreaming.

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