Has Cars and Coffee Become an Elitist Car Club

I seem to have the strangest experiences with the admin for my local cars and coffee, however, I always like to work off the assumption that maybe I’m being the asshole. Am I? Let’s dissect.

When did it become a bannable offense to curse at cars and coffee? It’s depressing how many people are so easily offended lately. Profanity, really?!


I was kindly told if I am ever caught cursing again, I will be banned. I suppose my error was in assuming that people who join car clubs are all above the age of 16 and are adults. I wasn’t told why my curse words were offensive. At either rate, it seems a bit ridiculous to police my local branch of cars and coffee to the point of which they’re limiting speech. The absurdity, I am literally laughing out loud right now. Nope, I can’t express frustration in a jokingly manner with a couple of curse words because one of my new car’s paint might already be ruined by ash falling from the sky caused by the wildfires in my area. Oh no if you do that, you’ll offend someone. The fact they actually took time out of their day, because they’re so offended, to gather evidence then warn me I would be banned from the club if I’m caught cursing again, is both fascinatingly sophomoric in disguising their true motives and hilariously moronic this is precedent they’re setting. TBH I feel they simply don’t like me, probably because they don’t really know me and assume I’m an asshole. If that’s the case they should boot me now. I didn’t join the club to have pretentious, fake, formal conversations with people who feel superior to others., I joined because I love cars. So, for now, I’m simply going to shut my mouth and enjoy cars in silence without speaking to anyone. Rather be safe than sorry, I don’t want to be the asshole.

And to be clear so there is no misunderstanding in what I said my exact statement was along the lines of


“aww shit. My girlfriend’s car has been parked outside in the snowing ash this entire time, I just bought her that thing for Christmas (if the bubbling clear coat from ash story is true) I’m fucked”

This is mainly a sarcastic post if it isn’t obvious. My only gripe is they threatened to ban me, they could’ve just asked me not to curse without a threat. Jeesh what a power trip.

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