I have to tell you about the guy who invited me for this one.
He’s a full time illustrator who loves old machines,so as you can imagine his house is decorated with bits and pieces of vintage automotive wares. I cant remember all of it , some are: old Gilera and Jawa posters,various English car workshop manuals and coffee table books,ancient oil and petrol cans ,a bunch of vintage spark plugs ,an old ad for Titanic tickets and lots more.That’s all mixed in with the usual art.Definitely interesting.
...Also i must remember to get a copy of that Gilera poster,it’s rather sexy for something from the 50's.
So what does an english artist drive in the colonies?A ricketty old Landrover called Alfred The Great of course,haha.
BTW just today he admitted he’s saving for a brand new chinese made URAL-copy sidecar outfit.Apparently they still make side valve versions?Serious?

Anyways please excuse me for awhiles.After that meal i need to sleep for a few days

Illustration for article titled Had first of several Christmas dinners.Too full to move.can hardly breath

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