Had Humdrum detailed this morning!

Yes, I could’ve done it myself but our ShopVac is broken at home and our ‘house’ vacuum cleaner is an old-school built-in unit (you know, the kind that is mounted in a utility room somewhere and you plug the hose into the wall), so I don’t really have any way to vacuum it out.

At any rate, the price was right ($100 CAD) and I paid an extra $15 for them to do a restoration on my very cloudy/UV-damaged passenger side headlight. If you’ll remember, I replaced the driver’s side light myself a few years ago as it had a crack in it.

Took about 4 hours. I took two walks...one out and about to stretch my legs, and another down the street to get some lunch. During the first walk, I went down a very narrow, disused gravel side street and saw this house - must’ve been beautiful when it was brand new, but not in a bad state of disrepair...lots of visible rot, one of the front posts that supports the verandah roof is falling over (second one in from the right) and there is junk everywhere. People are still living there too...0_o

As for my Accent, Humdrum is ridiculously clean now...the inside looks BRAND new (other than the few scratches here and there on the mostly-hard-plastic interior of a car that has done almost 170,000kms)...and smells pleasant as he put in a very nice black cherry-scented air freshener. :P

They even washed the outside for free (including scrubbing my rims, of which the front rims were coated in brake dust before!). I’m almost scared to drive it to get it dirty, haha!


You definitely see nicks and spots up close in the paint, and I am still waiting for the body guy to get back to me to re-fix the rust repair on the right-rear wheelwell that is bubbling through again that I only had done in June because he did it wrong......but otherwise, this is the best she’s looked in years!

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