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Had my first "accident" today.

It looked something like the above picture, but with 2 feet of snow on the road, the trees were closer, and it was a corner. This is my first "incident" since getting my license almost 3 years ago.


I could blame it on the technical side of things, such as me driving all winter with no traction control, on all-seasons, but ultimately, it was a driver error. It's a road I like to do some spirited driving on when it's nice, so I was pretty confident about it. I was doing 40 km/h when I normally do 80. I lost traction, then under steered, then braked fairly hard, because trees. I ended up in a ditch, about 4 ft from some trees.

I don't think I did any damage except for some scratches up the passenger side from branches, but I'll see when I wash it. I drove out of the ditch no problem, because Subaru. I'm still mad at myself about it, although it definitely puts how fast things can change into perspective, and I feel like it'll make me a little humbler about driving.

She lives for another day..

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