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The GSX is sold and sold for just a little less than I advertised. The transaction went smooth and I’m happy to see it gone.

(Lede photo is an ad that made me chuckle because of the misspelling of “Enduro”)


Normally when I post something for sale I’ll get tons of messages. People will say they’ll show up and take it away, give me a deposit, and so on. Most of these people never show up, so I never put all my eggs into that basket. If you ask me to hold it, I may if I think you’re a motivated buyer. Outside of that, I don’t care if you’re trying to offer a deposit, first come, first serve.

So, one of today’s guys says he’ll drop by around 9p and if he likes it he’ll give me a $100 deposit then pick up the bike on Saturday. I tell him okay. Now, note that I didn’t tell him I’m holding it for him.

The guy I sold it to made it to my apartment before I even did, right on the dot at 6.

About an hour after I sold it he asks me if I sold it. I say yes. He passive aggressively responds with “Guess I’ll take back this trailer, thanks for nothing.”


I apologize then remind him that he said that he was going to maybe give me a deposit tonight. He didn’t say anything about bringing a trailer or taking it home. I’m not holding a bike on a *maybe* I’ll get a deposit. Had he mentioned that he was going to straight up buy it, I would have held it.

He gets angrier and tells me that asking to come by and maybe put down a deposit is the same as asking for it to be held, and how shitty of me to sell it from under him.


LOL okay. Look, I wanted to pick up that Sym Symba on Monday. That dude and I talked at length about bikes and he was even going to let me ride his BMW and his Harley. He marked it as sold before I got off work. I didn’t shed a tear. Why? Because that’s how this works. First come, first serve.

Realizing that this wasn’t going to go anywhere I just blocked him. Unfortunately, when you sell things Facebook creates a Messenger group, and apparently the blocked person can still send you messages. He gets out one last rant saying I fucked him over and how I’m a childish asshole for blocking him. Alright, so I left the chat.


Yep, definitely a guy I wanted to know where I live. Dude, it’s a $300 bike that doesn’t run and doesn’t have a title, it’s not that big of a deal...

Maybe I got this wrong. Am I the asshole here? Last I checked, you should assume everything on FB or CL is first come, first serve unless otherwise noted.

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