Like, this car is TOO good for me. Right after the transmission service’s last piece was done (they forgot to order two hoses, and only had one), and I took it on the Boeing Freeway to give it a two-mile jog at 70MPH, the Check Engine light came on as soon as I pegged the throttle.

I pulled off, found a place to pull over, and texted Chevrolet of Everett. They told me to come in ASAP and they’d check the error codes.

Turns out all four O2 sensors in the exhaust system threw an error all at once, which is unusual. The tech cleared the codes, and told me to come back if the Check Engine Light comes back on after a bit of driving.

Restarted my jog down the freeway, a car moved out of my way in the left lane (thank you) as I plunked along at 65-70. No check engine light. It’ll probably be until the end of this weekend before I can declare it a non-issue.

That said, this weekend is going to be busy: I made up a shopping list for parts to acquire for my Crown Vic. Hood latch assembly, since the hood has a tendency to “bounce” when I drop it, and it refuses to secure unless I just push it down super hard. Probably a bad spring? Lemme know what you think.


Also, interior detailing. Need to get a new driver side door panel, dash trim, and ashtray drawer handle. I got my new smartphone mount for the car, and it works best using the ashtray, but the handle on it has a broken hinge so that’s gotta get replaced.

Another day of driving. Figure I’m gonna go straight to the local Pick & Pull right after work, and go to the one 18 miles away the next day.


I’m gonna have another stiff drink for tonight. Canada Dry with Kirkland Canadian Whiskey from Costco.