On to the part you’re really interested in. On my way back from where these pics were taken, I stopped by an old general store that was advertising cheap guns. While discussing one of my broken guns and how it’s become an “I’ll get around to it” situation, he mentioned he had one of those situations. He said he had an old Porsche in the back that needed tires. This peaked my interest, so I pressed on. He said the reason he hasn’t got new tires is because of the cost, because they were staggered and expensive to replace. This intrigued me more. I then asked what engine it had, inline four, flat four, flat six, but he interrupted with “Turbo”. I asked what model and he said he didn’t remember(which is totally believable if you’d met him), and then I told him I would recognize it if I saw it, to which he replied the ever so famous words, “Nobody ever sees it.”

He had a great price on a Ruger .380, might try to buy one in a couple of months and see if I can barter seeing the car in.