Had the most miserable time working on a car today

I had the car on a jack, I was on my back on the cold ground while it was raining, HAND SAWING the exhaust because of course I ran out of grinder disks. while getting lubricating oil in my face dripping from the car. It took me 1.5 hours. Sounds like a good time right? I couldn’t move because I wore so many layers I looked like the Michelin man.

So I’m still trying to part out the Alfa 156, and I had to remove the catalytic converter today to ship to a buyer tomorrow.

Also a bummer I found out my wheels are not OEM Alfa wheels, they are MAK wheels with the Alfa emblem put on. They are Italian, so I guess it suits the car. They do look good on the car


So far I’ve almost made a profit, and I’ve only sold 3 parts... Expect a Tavarish-style update when I finish this endeavour.

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