Had This On Sunday

Was a birthday gift from an in-law who is into the craft beers and such. I don’t dabble too much, but enough to know the difference. I normally don’t enjoy stouts, but I do like high alcohol beer, and I like bourbon.


I was told this improves over time up to 5 years. The bottle I received was a 2016, so...3 years isn’t too bad. I have a second that I might save for later. Internet said to serve it at “cellar temp”, which is about 55-60F. So I threw it in the fridge for about an hour before serving.

Woo that kick really gets ya. You can taste all 13.8% of the alcohol in here. It was delicious. Not too bitter for my pallet, not too sweet to gut you either. But you can definitely taste the caramel and vanilla.  

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