My recent acquisition of the G920 has made it abundantly clear that the pedal box is a bit wider than the space allotted.

With that information handy, I’ve decided to move the 2x4s (used to connect the wheel portion to the base) that were originally sitting atop the pedal space to the sides, freeing up eight inches. This will not only give the pedals more room, but I can also come up with different location configurations.

The old
The new

In doing this, I’ve also had to redesign the wheel space. Since it will be closer to the seat than before, I’ll no longer have to extend beyond the original location. Attached are some pictures of the process.



I also now have a good idea of what kind of forces the wheel will put on the structure, which shouldn’t be a problem after all the structural rigidity I’ve added, though I can still make the structure more stiff.