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Had to take a personality test for work

Two weeks ago, I had to take one of those "personality assessment" tests. I believe it was called "Predictive Index" or something like that. Well it turns out I scored almost identically the same as my current boss. Clip is relevant. My boss is not happy that his bosses want him to let me take on more projects.

The kicker was that when I took the assessment, I thought to myself "How would a gigantic asswipe of a man wit no empathy or sympathy answer this while also taking into account his minor sociopathic tendancies and a general disregard and disrespect of people who don't make as much money as him?" and apparently I got it dead on. While we were going over my results, I had to fight so hard not to burst out laughing when he came to what I need to do for the rest of the day and ended the list with ".....if you could do all of that, that would be greeeeat."


But I guess in the end, the joke's on me because I am getting a new boss in addition to the three I already have. Why they need 4 managers for a single chemist is beyond me......Oh well, I'm still getting paid. I guess that's reason enough to find out how to deal with the new boss. Not really that bad (I'm obviously on Oppo right now so duh....) just amusing how my career has turned into Office Space.

Thanks for listening Oppo. Have my inspiration to come into work everyday. Only imagine a Fiesta ST looking like this. Mmmmmmm.....martini livery.

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