I filed an application for insurance on my GTV6 through Hagerty last week, based largely on feedback from other Alfa guys and lots of folks here. Easy enough. The car has been on regular liability with USAA since I've owned it, costing about $300 a year. Hagerty's agreed-value policy would be about half that amount.


ANYWAY, a week later and no contact from Hagerty whatsoever. I finally got a chance to call them yesterday (they said someone had called five times on May 3 and 4 and left voicemail, but, ummm.... no) and they are denying a policy. The rep said my driving record was "way too hot", to which I respond, "What the hell?"

It seems they don't look just at paid claims when considering an application. They took every single stone chip repair (which isn't a claim, but a benefit for policyholders and is basically just a discount through select vendors), a tow truck my wife called when her battery cable slipped loose, the two times I was rear ended and the one time my wife was clipped in a grocery store parking lot (all not at fault accidents for which USAA paid not a penny), and ONE comp claim I filed last year to repair a gash in my door caused by a drunk on a moped and ONE windshield replacement in 2011.

He declared we had filed more than 14 claims in the past four years and then he basically said, "You aren't the kind of driver we choose to cover. A good day to you sir." CLICK. That's not exaggerated.

So I called my friendly USAA rep and lo and behold, she confirmed we had ONE comp claim in the past four years (and in fact, one total for the life of the policy). They don't consider stone chips claims, or even windshield replacements (of which I've had one, after literally catching a spark plug in the corner of my Fit's screen). The tow truck was cancelled before it was even dispatched because I was able to realize the battery wasn't connected, so no pay out there either. In all, USAA has paid out $350 for the single comp claim and windshield replacement on our policy over 7 years.


I'm inclined to take this report back to Hagerty, but after my less than stellar customer service experience I'm considering just continuing with USAA, even if it's more expensive.

Rant, with plea for suggestions on how to proceed.

Oh, and I broke the screen on my damn iPhone yesterday too. Boo hiss.