In the comments section of a Mighty Car Mods video I found Haggard Garage.

Well, I love a good auto video series; MCM, RoadKill, Jalopnik’s own evolving channel, Launch Control, Petrolicious, etc. So I checked ‘em out.

There’s been a few articles/discussions of late on Jalopnik and Oppo about how the “reality” automotive shows on the ol’ teliovision are painful because of how fake the drama is. Well... I can report that the folks over at Haggard Garage have avoided this little industry pitfall. Their videos are REAL!

Unfortunately, their videos are the real life exploits of flat brimmed fools half assing repairs, polluting worse then a VW diesel (topical), “drifting”, and in general presenting a hazard to other road goers.


I viewed a smattering of episodes across their time on the youtubes, but these two perhaps highlight the issue at hand best.

First we have a miata, crashed on both the front and rear, and with cracked diff mountings:

Next there’s this gross polluter which ends with a brief (but inevitably) failed “run” from the cops:

The summary at the end indicates nothing learned, they “got away with it”.

Stay tuned, perhaps follow their channel, just so you know what the enemy is up to, and what shade of flat grey/black their terrible rides are sporting so you can pick them out in traffic so as to best avoid them.


I think their own description says enough:

Haggard Garage

Clutch Riders



Miata Life

Hoon what you have

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