went to go see the vw fun cup qualifying.. decided to follow google maps for shits and giggles...

an hour and a half later i was lost in housing estate hell and decided i had enough of her shit and just headed in the general direction of the track

(i live 10 minutes away from the track... tops)

turn left here... hahahaha fuck you

lookit dat.... hammy flavoured monster.... tasted like bubblegum.. it was vile.... rossi flavoured is better
i found it.... now... wich way is in?
is it here?... hmmm... no
hellooooooo.... orange smurf... wich way is in?
i wonder if this leads to in?
nope dead end.... well shit
lookit dat.... found rossis personal busstop :p
lookit dat ma! a horse with cowmooflage
*sings* were on a bridge to nowhere!
ooooo dis looks like in
beefy bois
huh?... guess it wasnt in.... where the fuck am i?
hand grenade course?...... uhhhh.... i think i have wrong number
is this in?
hmmm? wonder what they are trying to keep in here?... oh well nevermind lets go find the track :D
lookit dat ma! i found africa!
yeah ok... i yield... i cant ride here... (that tall grass hides little ditches... the crashes hurt)
nice place tho... despite being lethal to bikes
i hit that tree so hard it disintegrated
i think the road is over there somewhere
whew found a beer :)
dis quite a pretty pub really
oooo a tunnel... i shall now braaap loudly *braaaaaaaaps*
hey! i know where i am again
i love riding around here
i gots a beach me!
country roads..... take me home.... to the place... i belong
the green mile :p
oooo hello ladies
lookit me ma! im in the roadworks! whew... almost home now

welp... turns out the vw fun cup qualifing wasnt open to the public... but i had a good laugh getting myself lost round there

was a good ride :)

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