For kicks, I decided to see how much my ‘08 PT is going for according to KBB (it’s gone down $500 within a half year, woot!). But their description of its driving ability really got me.

First of all, I don’t think I’ve ever been treated with smiles and thumbs up while driving. In fact, I’m the one that actually does it, with other PTs. But they seem too embarrassed to give it back. Maybe I should just wave more frantically at them.

Secondly, they said it accelerates very well. They did drive the 180 hp turbo, and I drive the 150 hp ARE left waiting for mine to accelerate. I can’t imagine the 180-turbo would be much of a improvement, though I could be wrong.

Thirdly, they added so much fluff to the car descriptions, it’s just comedic. The PT is a car, nothing crazy special about it. It’s a car where you make your own fun, :).