Got an estimate from the local New Holland dealer to fix the leaky timing cover and timing plate gasket on my 1995 Ford 1720.

~$150 worth of parts (including a new water pump and rad hoses, might as well do it all while you’re taking the whole front of the engine apart...)


20-24 hours labor @ $80/hr.



sweet jesus.

this is what the timing gear cover covers... note that this picture shows the front of the tractor disassembled with the front axle and frame rails removed and the block propped up on wood blocks. This is how The Guy at the New Holland dealer thinks it should be done, but the factory repair manual indicates it should be doable with the front frame and axle still in place...

Now, The Guy was saying he might be able to do it without removing the front axle and frame rails (which the repair manual certainly indicates should be the case) but even then he’d expect 10-15 hours.

Great Googly Moogly.

I think I will be attempting to take the ROPS off so I can fit it in the garage and do the labor myself. I have the tools and skills, but it’s winter and I don’t have an indoor space tall enough to get the tractor into that isn’t currently filled with sheep who are about to give birth... as a matter of fact we had our first lambs today!

Freshies, less than an hour old at the time this picture was taken...

If I can get the ROPS bar off, and then partially deflate the rear tires I can just sneak it under the garage door with the cab still on...


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