I gave it about 15 minutes with a combination of crushed dry ice in the bore and heat from a milsuckee heat gun on the cooling fins before attempting some percussive maintenance.

After thoroughly heating the circumference of the cylinder and about 3 full-wind-up smacks with a rubber mallet, this happened:

Color me surprised- Clarkson was right. So I packed it with more dry ice and kept at it with the heat gun and a slower, more tender approach with the mallet, and about 10 minutes later I’d managed to accomplish this:


At this point the last remaining dry ice fell out the exhaust port, and I decided that this was enough physical labor for one night. I deemed it time to liberally apply head-altering chemicals. Namely, more PB Blaster. Now we wait until I get another package on dry ice and we see if I can finish the job.


With all that rust and mud (?!) around the studs, connecting rod and wrist pin, how hosed am I? What’s the over/under on this pig ever running again? Do I keep on with the dream? Or do I buy a cheap harbor fright welder, a lawnmower engine, and a fleabay CVT and go out in a flaming ball of road-legal glory?