Bad news: It snowed a lot yesterday, mostly sideways because it was crazy windy. Lots of towns decided to postpone trick or treating for another day.

Good news: My town isn’t full of a bunch of namby pambies, and the village decided to send it, so to speak. The snow stopped and the wind died down in time for trick or treating, although it was still cold and slushy and sloppy as hell.

Good news: There were not many trick or treaters out. Mostly older kids, and a few families with really young kids who just hit a few houses. As a result, my tough little 4 and 6 year olds who wanted to trick or treat no matter what, stayed out for two hours and cleaned house. My wife weighed the candy this morning. 15.2 pounds, and that’s after they ate some last night. Including full size Hershey bars.

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Bad news: Christ, now we have 15 pounds of candy in the house!

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