I've asked before, but the circumstances have changed some. My car is dying... TL:DR at the bottom.

OK, here's the run down. I drive an '04 dodge intrepid SXT 3.5L V6. It has had its share of minor the moderate issues, and is currently at 110k+ or so on the clock. I now have a broken bushing, a cam position sensor problem, an O2 sensor issue, an evap leak (supposedly from the intake manifold gasket), and the purge solenoid is damaged.

Now, from quotes this adds up to ~$1000 in repairs on a car not worth all that much. It still does run well otherwise, but I can't just leave problems to persist forever. Some of these I feel I could likely repair for much cheaper, but that is difficult as I don't have much of a place right now to do work on my car coming into winter.

It is always cheaper to repair a car and keep it for as long as possible, and I hear both sides of the story: stop investing in a beater that will continue to break down / newer cars will mean payments which means more money leaving the pocket. I also hear that Chrysler products just fall apart and are a ticking time bomb after 100k+.


I personally have a good professional job right now, not far out of college, but I'm pretty well set and stable. I'm still paying off loans at a rapid rate, and saving at the same time for my wedding (which should end up only costing a couple grand all said and done).

If I were to get a new/newish car I would want something newer, 2012+. I don't want to get rid of an old car with problems just to inherit others given my financial situation that can afford a better vehicle. Preferably, as an enthusiast, something sporty and fun.


I do drive up to 500 miles a week, so decent fuel mileage is a pretty big factor, so a used dodge charger R/T may have to be out (and others like it). I also would prefer 4 doors.

This brings me to the WRX, GTI, MS3, Civic SI, FoST. I may be missing some.

At this point, I'd be leaning towards the GTI. It has the nicest interior in my opinion, and can easily be tuned up by APR at an affordable price should I want more power. WRX worries me on reliability, MS3 seems kinda not so nice inside and heavier than I'd like (MPG's). FoST is nice, not as nice inside as GTI, but maybe it drives better? My mind can be swayed, and there are LOTS of other options out there.


Here's the other wrench thrown in now... My family is trying to convince to go brand new, despite my philosophy always being "buy lightly used". They are saying I will get a lower interest rate on a new car, and that inflation will beat that rate. And they claim the interest rates may not last this low for all that long, and being November is around the corner, it may be the best time of the year to buy right now.

If I had to, I could possibly swing the higher price tag for a brand new hot hatch.


TL:DR My 04 intrepid has more problems, I can afford a decent car, should I buy one? 4 doors, sporty, decent fuel mileage, fairly new (2012+?). Manual or Auto. HALP.