So I’m pretty sure this is one of the Hitachi non-adjustable distributors on my car.

It’s the bulkier one. Not the sleeker arch looking one’s on the D-series engines, which I believe are the TEC ones.

So I ordered a distributor cap and rotor from rock auto and they appear to have sent me a TEC one.

So are the caps and rotors on these two distributors swappable? The internet claims that the distributors as a whole are. I ordered a reman from AutoZone (really just ordering through them, it’s a cardone, which is why I can’t pick it up in store) that doesn’t come with a cap and rotor (hence why I ordered them from RockAuto)


So my question is. If the I get a Hitachi distributor from AutoZone, can I put the TEC cap and rotor on it? And if I get a TEC distributor can I put that on my car?

The engine is a F23A1 to be specific.