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Halp! Need Camera Advise

Debating what full-frame to buy, and whether or not to wait for a new model. I currently use a Nikon D5500. I love it because of its fully-articulated screen which makes it super easy to frame the shot when holding the camera at weird angles (I almost exclusively shoot in portrait, often at odd high/low angles).

I know the obvious upgrade is the D750, but it only has a tilt-screen, which is useless when taking portrait shots. Unfortunately, that’s a deal-breaker for me. Meanwhile, Canon makes the 6D Mark II which seems to be everything I want, except I’ll have to buy new lenses. Also reviews of the 6D indicate that it’s a pretty half-assed camera with quite a few dumb flaws (no flash, no 2nd card slot, 2% cropped viewfinder, etc)

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Or maybe I should just wait and hope the upcoming D750 replacement has a fully-articulated screen?


If I do switch to Canon, any suggestions on how to sell old camera equipment? I don’t have the original boxes anymore, so do I just bubble wrap it in a random box and sell it on Ebay? (Yes, I’ve never used Ebay before).

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