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Hammerheads Incomplete and Ongoing Technical Stuff Repository

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For whatever reason, I’ve invested considerable time and a substantial percentage of my limited brainpower to the topic of differentials, traction devices and 4WD in my tenure as Opponaut?


In any event I’ve compiled these loose connection of spelling mistakes into one place so you can reference as needed for your learning and humor related pleasures. Enjoy


First up - What is 4WD and how does it work


This answers questions about basic 4WD configurations and technologies. I suspect this will eventually be updated or replaced by something better and less...bad.

Next we move onto differentials


This is about traction adders like LSD’s and lockers and dispels some myths about open differentials. I liked this one, its not soo bad.

Most recently is my nerd spelunk into the world of modern crossover 4WD systems. Why they are the way they are, and why the difference between the goods ones and bad ones is more down to programming than hardware.



Other topics include my personal “lightbulb moment” on understanding the meaning behind torque and HP. It’s not a perfect coverage of the topic but it really helped me understand the relationship between the 2.


And finally, my personal favorite thing I may have ever written and 2nd most popular [that land cruiser story...whew]- why tow ratings are different in the US versus other countries


This article was born out of frustration that no one seemed to have an satisfactory response to this question and as far as I’m aware this is still the only place I’ve seen this concept mentioned in detail.


You can always find this for reference or to poke fun of my spelling, grammar and fundamentally poor grasp of engineering (hey, I’m a comms major) at the tag “hammerheads tech” or all my favorite stories that I’ve written at “hhfp

Thanks for being the coolest car place on the internet.

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