It was hilarious. His new material is great. I have been watching him for a long time, and he keeps getting better at performance. He is using video and music really creatively.  He also looks very healthy since he quit drinking, which he covered in his material - relatable for me. (He did a great joke that one of the up sides of quitting drinking is that now he can really feel his cocaine)

He also made some very funny Fresno jokes, which was cool to give us a little material that others would not here. He noted that he came here because it is halfway between LA and Sacramento. He can’t handle a 6 hour drive, but 3 is cool. He got everyone laughing when he described Fresno as “a place I made fun of for no reason” and he observed that when he announced he was coming here, people from here started asking him why and telling him it was terrible. These are all accurate observations - civic pride isn’t exactly a thing here.

All in all it was a wonderful show - one of the opening comedians had me rolling with one of the most politically incorrect bits I have ever heard.

Hannibal also said that he is getting ready to tape a special with this material. It will be worth your time.