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Happiness is a backlit keyboard

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She’s not a keyboard who misses much, but I can’t say she’s well acquainted to the touch of a velvet hand. Nor is there a lizard on a window pane or a man in the crowd with the multicolored mirrors. But, happiness is certainly a backlit-mechanical keyboard.


Santa brought me a Daskeyboard Prime 13. I’d been wanting a mechanical keyboard for some time, and backlit seemed like it would be nice for late-night Oppoing. I also wanted something for adults, so lots of RGB board were out. Cherry MX brown switches. The backlighting is actually a soft white, although my potato camera really struggled with it even on the dimmest setting. It’s actually just a nice, slight glow. This is my first foray into modern mechanical keyboards, and I’m a happy camper. This thing is awesome. There’s feedback and I love the action of the keys. Now I want to go out and buy another one for work.

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