Happy 63th Birthday!

This 204m tall building was once the fourth tallest outside of New York City, and was the tallest one in all of Latin America for a number of years.

It’s famous for surviving the 57',85', and 17' earthquakes unscathed as buildings -newer and smaller- collapsed around it.


It’s down to the impressive -for the time- foundation, which included a concrete box surround containing the parking levels and 33m deep pylons.

the massive concrete box served both to make the tower “float” on the water-saturated soil where it was constructed, and as the parking levels for this tower.

It is, however, far from the newest impressive building in the city; which is this skyscraper, Torre Reforma.

In the background, the Pemex tower is visible, when it was inaugurated it was an impressive building in and of itself.

In order to keep the mansion under it, the construction company built a new movable foundation under the house. It was moved to the other end of the plot to dig the parking levels and the foundation. It was returned to a similar position to where it was before the move. The pylons for Torre Reforma run sixty meters underground, so does the massive Milan wall

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