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Happy Anniversary To My Volkswagen Golf!

I can’t believe it’s the 23rd of August again. I remember that Saturday afternoon when I went with my favorite VW shirt and all the enthusiasm that an 18 year old can have when picking up their new car. For its birthday I gave it a good was and took nice photos.

A lot has passed in that year but my Golf has always been there for me. I have gone to the beach, to 2 other states, to jungles and places I never thought a Golf would be able to cross before and it took it all like a champ. In this first year I have 0 complaints with reliability, or defect that the car could have. 15,000 kms later and it still pulls with the same might and gets me where I have to be in uttermost comfort and driving pleasure. 1st service has been done and only 1 tire has been the black dot in the otherwise clean sheet of ownership.

First day:



I will still take care of this car because of how damn good it is and how special it is to me. After a year it still smells like new, after a year I still don’t eat anything in it, after a year I still hand wash it to avoid scratches, after a year I still park at the lonely back spots and after a year it still brings the biggest smile to my face.


For every happy moment that you have given me and all the great times we will enjoy later, congratulations Golf!


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